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NCB Srl Italy produces Drillin Special equipment for foundation piling, micro piling and foundation systems in general:
hydraulic control uniti CHP, dissanders, vertical dreins, PDM 7.0, guard- rail assemblers SC-8.

The hydraulic control unit CHP, are able to work indipendently form the excavating, PDM 7.0's machines are able to demolish piling ancd micro piling systems.
Micro-piling Equipments Micro-piling Equipments MICRO-PILING EQUIPMENTS micropali
Piling Equipments Piling Equipments PILING EQUIPMENTS Piling Equipments
Diaphram diaframmi DIAPHRAGM Diaphram
Rotary heads Rotary heads ROTARY HEADS Rotary heads
teste di rotazione
Drillin Tools Drillin Tools DRILLING TOOLS Drillin Tools
Special Equipments Special Equipments SPECIAL EQUIPMENTS Special Equipments
attrezzature speciali
Drilling equipment - Hydraulic drilling rig - Core barrel drilling - Hydraulic rotary rig - Micro piling equipment - Mini piling equipment - Piling equipment - Rotary heads