Hammer grab BS-BSP

The BPS and BS series of hammer grabs have been designed for the preparation of small to large diameter bored piles foundations in terrains of variable consistency. BPS and BS hammer grab can easily be adapted for operation in both single rope or double rope configuration and the high closing force of the jaws is guaranteed by a 6th line pull sheave transmission.

The BSP can be equipped to carry out excavations ranging from a minimum nominal diameter of 500mm up to maximum of 850 mm, whilist for the BS, the minimum is 850 mm and the maximum is 1750 mm.

Jaws sets of different diameters are interchangeable on the same grab body. A change is effective excavation diameter requires simple substitution of the following: pair of jaws, pair of jaw actuators, collar, upper guide ring for the BS version.

Benna per pali BS BSP - Hammer Grab


BSP 470570670850
Feasible pile diametermm6007008001000
Nominal jaw diametermm470570670850
Height open jawsmm3390346535353585
Height closed jawsmm3345339034703470
Grab weightkg2190226022902610
Weight complete catching headkg270270270270
BS 8501050125015501750
Feasible pile diametermm10001200150018002000
Nominal jaw diametermm8501050125015501750
Height open jawsmm36853835403043704585
Height closed jawsmm35703670385040904290
Grab weightkg38103980441049805990
Weight complete catching headkg270270270270270