Hydraulic casing oscillator MGN

The MGN series of hydraulic casing oscillators are designed for insertion and extraction of casings in terrains of variable consistency where exists the risk of excavation collapse.

In order to satisfy the diverse requirements, MGN hydraulic casing oscillator series are built to cover a wide range of diameters from 600 mm to 3000 mm, and carry out excavations at elevated dephs. Reductions can be fitted to all versions for the preparation of diameter piles less than the nominal.

Morsa giracolonna MGN - Hydraulic casing oscillators


Maximum feasible casing diametermm10001200150015001800
Minimum racommended casing diametermm600800100010001200
Weight without raking devicekg800010000130001700022000
Maximum feasible casing diametermm200020002200250025003000
Minimum racommended casing diametermm120012001500150015002000
Weight without raking devicekg260003200036000420004800050000