Hydraulic diaphragm wall Grab HG 150

Diaphragm drilling machine
The HG150 diaphragm wall grab is the perfect solution for making diaphragms, thanks to two jaws with a closing force of 50 tons, capacity of 2.5 mq, max jaws opening of 4000 mm and a maximum jaws width of 1200 mm, with rectangular or semicircular jaws type.

Macchina perforatrice per diaframmi Benna HG 150


Minimum Jaws Widthmm600
Maximum Jaws Widthmm1200
Minimum Jaws Openingmm2500
Maximum Jaws Openingmm4000
Type of Jaws InstallabletypeRectangular/Semi-Circular
Height with Open Jaws (1220x3660)mm9435
Jaws Capacitymc~2.5
Operating Rope Diametermq32
Service Rope Diametermm32
Maximum Jaws Closing Forceton~50
Grab Weightkg~2000