Diaphragm drilling machine Kelly HGG / HGR

Diaphragm drilling machine Kelly HGG / HGR has the following features:

  • Full guidance during excavation
  • Reels with an automatic device for the tensioning and recovery of the hydraulic flexible hoses
  • High closing force of the HG type hydraulic diaphragm wall grab. Excavation sets of different dimensions and variable section, rectangular o semicircular, are interchangeable on the same grab body.
  • Hydraulic rotation of the grab by +/- 45°
  • Mast mounted HGR kelly can be powered by the hydraulic plant of the drilling rig
  • Crane mounted CHP 100K hydraulic power pack meant to actuate the HGG kelly
  • Possibility to hydraulically correct the verticality of the telescopic shaft assembly indipendently of the position of the base machine
Macchine perforatrici per diaframmi - Diaphragms Drilling Machines


Minimun jaw widthAmm500
Max jaw widthBmm1200